Surrogacy Assessments

Surrogacy assessments are available for couples seeking approval from the Reproductive Technology Council to engage in a surrogacy arrangement. The assessing psychologist will see both the commissioning couple and proposed surrogate and her partner, in separate and joint interviews, as well as administer a psychometric personality assessment to all adults.  They will then submit a written report to the IVF counselor. 

The sessions need to be spaced in order for the test to be scored and interpreted.  First double session for the commissioning couple, then a few days later the surrogate couple and preferably within a week the combined couples one hour session.  There needs to be adequate time in between the double sessions in order for the tests to be scored and interpreted ready for the combined session. Further assessment of the commissioning couple’s and the surrogate’s children may be required also.


For further information regarding assessments, please email Rikki Ambrosius at